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Germany counts among the three largest economies in the world, along with the United States and Japan. It is the largest economic power within the European Union and despite a structural unemployment rate of up to 10%, there are many very good educated people living in Germany. More than 70% of all Germans are speaking another language, above 30% even a third one.

However, it is not easy to find the right people in Germany. There are constant shortages in high performers, well educated engineers or sales talents. Selection and employment requirements are exacting and professional recruitment and headhunting services are a must to find and motivate good people for a change.

If you are searching for High Performers and Talents, especially for Sales and Engineering functions, we recommend HSH+S Recruitment - a well known Headhunting and Recruitment Agency, situated in Germany and Switzerland. If your demand is to find a high-caliber Top-Manager, you should check with HSH+S Executive Search and if you need to headhunt people from your competition, you should send a request to HSH+S Headhunters.

If you need to be sure with your new employee, you should be aware of many different recruitment services in Germany. "Recruiter, management consultant, recruitment agency, executive search, headhunter, human resource consulting, executive consultant, personnel agency, recruiting company, human resource service agency or personnel service agency." In German speaking countries, terminology inflation for human resource services sometimes is responsible for a high degree of uncertainty, since the terms are not lawfully defined. © German, FT, Germany

Most of all agencies are working on a success-related basis and are trying to minimize their efforts using standardized databases, often to fill an unlimited type of (lower) positions and function. The above mentioned HSH+S Companies have set their goal to find “Human Capital” for very important key functions, they optimally fill the position for your individual business, targets and company. Good luck.

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